Great ideas for light manicure 2022-2023: new items and trends in photos

Every season there is a fashionable manicure in light shades, which will help out in any situation and will allow you to succinctly complete your unrivaled look. Modern manicure trends tend towards naturalness, which makes light manicure 2022-2023 very versatile and desirable in the new season.

Owners of long and short nails can equally easily choose a beautiful, stylish and trendy nail design in light colors with additional decor or designs. New light manicures for 2022-2023 are offered in various stylistic directions, combining both expressive and bright decor and more restrained ones.

Drawings in the newfangled light manicure will be popular, which can be realized using a brush using the wet or Organza technique, the style of natural textures, watercolor painting, as well as using sliders and stamping techniques.

Light manicure 2022-2023 – techniques and styles, top shades and design innovations

Varieties of light manicure are distinguished by a variety of shades, these can be delicate pastel colors, milky and creamy shades, flesh and neutral, beige and nude, which are excellent, both with a matte finish and with a glossy sheen.

The following techniques and examples of light manicure 2022-2023 will be trending:

  • Light manicure “spider web”
  • Stamping design
  • Geometric manicure
  • French manicure in light shades
  • Gradient manicure
  • Striped design
  • Shiny manicure in light colors
  • Light manicure with foil
  • Abstract nail art
  • Airbrush in light design
  • Manicure “different hands”
  • Modeling design
  • Lunar manicure
  • Marble manicure

Each of these designs looks incredibly beautiful and creative, being offered in such shades that are relevant for light manicure :

  • Pink
  • Powdery
  • Mint
  • Lilac
  • Dusty pink
  • Light gray
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Light olive
  • White

Using any of the proposed shades, as well as complementing it with a trendy pattern or decor, you will get an unrivaled version of a light manicure. Short nails will look best with a minimalist and abstract design, while long nails are suggested to be decorated with sparkles and gradients, complex geometry and floral patterns, animal patterns - cow, leopard, python and zebra prints.

New square nails

There are many interesting decisions this year. Any experiments with colors, patterns and unusual combinations are welcome. For example, animalistic design in combination with a plain coating or geometry is popular. Animal prints such as zebra, leopard, snake are trending.

Light manicure with stripes

New light manicures look great with stripes, and if in an elegant manicure these will most often be golden stripes, then in a refreshing summer design you can use bright stripes in your favorite color. A white manicure with rich blue and black stripes will be original and very creative; such a light manicure will be complemented by inscriptions and an image of the girl’s face. In the minimalist style, a discreet matte manicure is offered in a fashionable design with a stripe in the form of a bendable ribbon along the nail.

French on square nails

This classic design is still relevant this year. Neil experts offer many interesting solutions for French nails. The most popular one is that a matte top is used for the background, and a glossy one for the stripes. It is recommended to use bright, juicy colors for the jacket: fuchsia, carrot, pistachio.

Light manicure with flowers

If you want tenderness, romance and sophistication on your nails, then floral motifs will be the ideal choice. A favorite will be translucent flowers using the watercolor or Organza technique, which look divine on the nails. Also in trend is a light manicure with small multi-colored flowers and twigs, which masters use to decorate several nails. Translucent and airy floral prints will ideally complement any light nail coating, which can be made matte or glossy.

Fashionable nude shades of nail polish this year


Great on short nails. It is preferable to use “pure”, i.e. without additional decor. You can decorate with discreet elements.


The most natural option that allows your nails to look natural but well-groomed. Suitable for any situation. Combines with all looks without exception. Suitable for any length (see photo).


A new-fangled trend that is preferred by famous personalities and ordinary girls. It looks stylish, discreet and interesting. Both matte and glossy versions look great.


The embodiment of femininity, fragility and tenderness. Emphasizes the grace and beauty of nails, warming with its warmth. A universal option that matches any decor.

"Cat's Eye"

This season's new trend is manicure for square nails using the cat's eye technique. Chic silver tints, made on a black or beige surface, will surprise every modern representative of the fair sex.

Not a single girl can resist such a newfangled design for square nails, so if you are planning a party or an important holiday event, a “cat eye” manicure on a square shape will be an ideal and win-win solution.

Delicate design for square nails

The most trendy and delicate design is a nude jacket or holes. Complex designs are popular - hand-painted in the form of delicate flowers or smooth abstract lines. An interesting technique that is still trending is the use of dried flowers. This manicure is called an aquarium manicure.


The next favorite in manicure for square nails will be beige, which has become a favorite for many girls. Shades of beige are not very noticeable and allow you to “soften” the square shape, giving the manicure a touch of elegance, naturalness and lightness.

In addition to a monochrome beige manicure, manicure experts suggest paying attention to the design of square nails with decorations, among which gold foil and glitter will be a hit. A beige manicure with accent patterns and a combined design also looks beautiful - a combination of “negative space”, velvet effect, spider gel, slider and stamping.

Imitation of natural textures

A fascinating and fashionable trend for 2022-2023 in nail art, which we will see more and more often, is called “natural textures”. In other words, this design closely replicates the designs and patterns of natural minerals and stones - marble, quartz, amber, etc.

Artists suggest using translucent natural textures over the entire surface of the nail plate, while more intense designs with black stripes and gold decor will look best as an accent on a couple of square nails.


A snow-white manicure on square nails always looks flawless, stylish and impeccable. You can easily wear this design in everyday life, or you can choose a snow-white monochromatic manicure or a design with decor for special occasions - weddings, graduations, anniversaries.

Rhinestones, crystals and foil decor would be ideal for decoration. A pearl rub will help add shine to snow-white square nails - this type of manicure is perfect for a bride’s look.

A nice complement to a white manicure on a square shape will be drawings - twigs and foliage, abstract motifs and ornaments, to complement which you can safely use small stones, cobweb gel paint and transfer foil.

Youth design for square nails

Youth designs look bright, juicy, flashy. We offer several interesting options.

  • Solid neon color finish.
  • A combination of several acid colors.
  • Drawings on all nails using stamping or sliders.
  • Drawings in pop art style in combination with nude.

Beautiful square nails

The square shape allows you to choose almost any design. Even just a single color coating will make your fingers very beautiful. Dark and rich colors will look impressive.

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